3 Simple Oversights that even Successful People Make in Their Conversations

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3 Simple Oversights Even Successful People Miss that Make Their Communications Less Effective

How to recognize them and what to do about them right now

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Sometimes, does it feel like you and the person you are speaking to are speaking completely two different languages?

Do you find it just impossible to get “in sync” with some people when you are talking with them?

Have you ever felt that if you knew what was going on inside a person’s head you could communicate with them better?

Are You

Frustrated because you just can’t seem to get your point across to other people?

Missing opportunities because you don’t have the right relationships?

Worried you may never rise to the success you know is for you?

 Then this Free Seminar is for you

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Attend this workshop led by Gregg Hannah, Board Certified Master Coach, trainer, and communications expert and learn the secrets the successful elite know about hot to develop deep, intimate rapport quickly and effectively by:

Identifying and using a person’s Internal Representational System,

Identifying and using a person’s Motivation Triggers and Influencing Language

Identifying and responding to a person’s decision making strategies

It is time for YOU to claim your success and communications is the key.

Power up your conversations with these tools

This Free Seminar is being hosted Courtesy of Zed Dean 


 Syrian Professional Active Network


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