Discovering Hidden Truths – Pendulum Workshop

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Discovering Hidden Truths


Are you seeking clarity in your decision making?

Do you have aches and pains that you would like to just go away?

Do you want to solve your problems and attain your goals more easily?

Then This Workshop is for You

Do you want more control over your life?

Do you want to clear up confusion in your life.

Are curious about how your unconscious mind works

Then This Workshop is for You


Do you want to learn  communicate with your unconscious mind

Do you want to learn how to get your Unconscious mind to take actions on your behalf

Do you want to understanding what  what your unconscious mind is saying to you.

Attend this 1/2 day workshop led by Gregg Hannah, Board Certified Master Coach, and Board Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy to learn how to communicate with your unconscious mind using a pendulum.

Bring a Friend Discount

You can bring a friend to this Workshop for only $50

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