Individual Coaching

Do you want to make changes in your life?

If you do then I can help you make the changes, feel better, and have more control in your life.

I can help you to access beneficial states of being that are already within you.

How about that little negative voice in your mind that always seems to sabotage what you are trying to do, like losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

Why not re-programme that voice to be a positive and encouraging voice!

All this and much more can be done and I can help you with it. 

General types of things I can help you with…

♦ Career Development

♦ Business or Personal Positioning

♦ Change of Position

♦ Job Selection

♦ Leadership Competencies

♦ Personal Organization Process Coaching

♦ Communication Issues

♦ Critical Thinking

♦ Skills Project Planning

♦ Presentation Skills

♦ Nervousness

♦ Time Management

♦ Work-Life Balance

♦ Conflicts and Conflict Resolution

♦ Cultural Differences

♦ Decision Making

♦ Commitment Issues

♦ Communicating Emotions

♦ Feeling Left Out or Left Behind

♦ Gender Communication

♦ Adaptability Issues

♦ Accepting Change

♦ Anger Management

♦ Health & Wellness Choices

♦ Performance Enhancement

♦ Language Precision

♦ Learning Issues Modeling for Excellence Motivation (Self and Others)

♦ Stress Management

♦ Test Anxiety

♦ Relationship Issues

♦ Relaxation Role Issues

♦ Self Esteem Issues

♦ Social Skills

♦ Negative Emotions

And much more! Contact me today to find out how
I can support you in achieving lasting results!

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Introduction to Transformational Learning Solutions

I host Free seminars on many of these topics. I am always adding more. See which ones I am hosting in the Upcoming Events.


Check out the Free Seminars

If you would like me to run a free Seminar for your group on any of these topics or a topic that you may have in mind please contact me to make arrangements.