Adult Student Coaching

Do you want to improve your grades?

Concerned about going back to school because

you didn’t do well the first time?


flipchartI offer a wide range of services to young and old students as well as new or experienced students. All these services focus on improving your ability to learn rather than a specific subject. If you want to study better, read faster, write better essays, learn more easily, or take exams with more confidence and achieve better results I can help. If you want to go back to school but feel you didn’t do well the first time I can help. If you want to improve your grades I can help.

I can help you with non-academic learning situations as well. For example, are you a competitive dancer and want to do better? I can help you. In short, I can help you in any situation that involves learning!

Please contact me for an intial consultation to discuss your situation and how I can help you.

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