Coaching Packages



The Silver package will achieve two or three specific behavioral changes.

For example
You might wish to stop eating a certain foods, increase your confidence in certain situations, or improve your study habits. This coaching package is designed to affect these types of specific changes.



The Gold package includes what’s in the sliver package and adds one specific behavioural strategy change.

For example:
Binge eating is a behavioural strategy that could be dealt with.



The Platinum package is a full personal breakthrough designed to effect both specific and general change over a range of behaviours. It is designed for people that want to make significant, profound, and lasting changes in their life. The most significant difference in the packages is that the Platinum package offers a written guarantee that the agreed outcome will be achieved.


What is included with each coaching package?

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* Until agreed outcome is achieved


These are Standard Coaching Package Options.

Your coaching package will be custom tailored to fit your your needs after Steps 1 & 2 below


Step One

Before I take you on as a client I will do a phone interview with you. The interview is important as it allows me to determine if I am able to help you and to decide if I want to take you on as a client. Similarly, this gives you the chance to decide if I am someone you want to work with.


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Step Two

If we determine we are a good fit for each other then the next step is a 90 minute assessment session – in person, Skype or phone. After the Assessment Session you will get a verbal report followed up by an written 

  • Assessment Report – Verbal at end of Assessment session plus email report. Report will specify what can be accomplished within each package.


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