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Are you looking for someone to
share knowledge and
empower your team to excellence?


As a Corporate Educator/Trainer I provide business seminars and workshops which empower leaders to gain insights about themselves, enhance their communication, and take actions to be successful and inspire those they work with to do the same.

I speak to businesses on topics focusing on Leadership Development, Ethics, and Communications.


A few of the more popular areas I conduct education/training for business clients include:

  • Enhancing Communications
  • Organizational Values Alignment
  • Individual and Team Values Alignment
  • Increasing Sales Team and/or Individual Salesperson Effectiveness – Leading Edge Sales Training
  • Critical Thinking
  • Identification of Organizational Leadership Competencies
  • Leadership Education and Development, Plans and Policies
  • Organizational Ethics Audits
  • Organizational Ethics Plan and Policy Development and Implementation
  • Language and Behaviour Profile Analysis
    • Assessing suitability of candidates for position
    • Assessing employee behaviour issues
    • Identifying clients/customers motivation needs and influencing language
    • Analysis of Company messages/advertising and incorporation of influencing language
  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching

Please contact me to discuss how I can positively impact your organization.


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