Getting in Touch with Your Unconscious Mind – Self-Hypnosis Workshop


Are you interested in the Mind-Body connection? Are you looking for ways to make significant changes in your life? Have you ever wondered about hypnosis? Are you looking for ways to increase you productivity, happiness, or health?

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Are you interested in the mind-body connection?

Would you like to get more control over you life and your thoughts?

Would you like to be able to tap into the power of your unconscious mind?

Then this Workshop is for you!

Join Gregg Hannah, Board Certified Master Coach and Trainer of Hypnosis to learn:

About your unconscious mind and how it works.

How to discover your prime reasons and what is holding you back

How to prepare for Trance

Down Load the Brochure for more information

The Stages of Self-Hypnosis

Self-Hypnotic Induction

How to prepare and use Hypnotic suggestions for yourself

General Pendulum Protocol and how to use a Pendulum for personal change work

Bring a Friend Discount

You can bring a friend to this Workshop for only $150

Purchase 2 tickets

Enter the code selfhypnosisfor2 when you checkout

Get the Brochure for More information 

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