Time Line Therapy ™

What is Time Line Line Therapy ™/Creating Your Future™?


Time Line TherapyA person is a product of their conscious and unconscious experiences, decisions and memories. What happened in the past affects our behaviour in the present and into the future. Almost everyone stores these memories in a linear fashion. Time Line Therapy ™ or Creating Your Future™ is an imaginative process geared to accessing the unconscious mind where all memories are stored and dealing with the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are part of us all and that block us from our desired goals and achievements. It is an extremely gentle process that doesn’t involve the repetition of events and stories. It is an effective and quick process that deals with the results of the events and stories that hold us back and affect our perspective of self.


Time Line Therapy™(TLT)/Creating Your Future™ is one of many Neuro Linguistic Programing Techniques. In addition to being used as stand alone techniques they are also used to install S.M.A.R.T. goals in a clients’s future time line.


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