Communicating in an Imperfect World

Learn how to how to identify another person’s model of the world and to work with it to achieve better communications.

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You have a chunk of meaning you want to pass on to someone else.

  • You use language – words, tone of voice, and body language to send that meaning.
  • The other person receives your “message.”
  • The other person then has in their mind the same chunk of meaning that you wanted to pass along


However, how often have you been speaking with someone and thought:

 Wow, they just don’t get what I am saying. They must be from another planet!


Man,  I can’t make myself any clearer. How can they not understand me?

They must be an idiot.

Well the person you are speaking with is neither from another planet nor an idiot.

They just have a different model of the world than you do

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to enter into another person’s  model of the world.
  • Learn how their model of the world affects how they interpret what you are saying.
  • Learn how to use this information to communicate more effectively


Communicating In an Imperfect World - Short Introduction


Check out the Calendar to find out when the Workshop runs

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