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“Gregg please share my thanks for being an amazing tour-guide! Your commitment to my break-through was 100%, even (and especially) when mine was not!

While we were working together, I felt completely safe. I knew you would support me through all the steps of the techniques, and guarantee results. I knew, just knew! that some of the tasks I was going to get I wouldn’t like…but that’s what I need to do to get to my goals.

Thank you for recognizing what it needed to be! I look forward to working with you in the future.”



”James ”Holistic

Gregg has been a huge help and a huge part of the success to my business. He has also been great with the follow up to our coaching work together as well, and makes sure you have everything you need, and helps coach you even after working with him! He has answered additional questions that have come up as well – great follow up and customer service!

You can’t afford NOT to work with Gregg!



”Steve ”Wealth

I had the pleasure of seeing Gregg’s abilities first hand on two occasions. I found the information and insights he provided me for my business (I work in Wealth Management) invaluable and *actionable*. I cannot stress enough the importance of taking away actionable ideas from our discussions. I found him compassionate and interested in how I think and act, and his thoughts on the psychology of my clients felt dead on. I was thoroughly impressed.


Lisa Chin Quee
Lisa Chin Quee Groovy Posh Pets

Thank you again for the doing the Language & Behaviour Profile Analysis!

I cannot tell you how enlightening it has been for me as an entrepreneur, a position that can be challenging in both amount of work to be done and the various hats and responsibilities that come with it.  I’m now able to put things in proper perspective – the environment and interactions that are important for me to keep motivated and to be successful.

I had a couple of “AHA” moments while we were discussing the report, confirming different tactics that I’ve created to manage, it was great to see that I was on the right track – but I wasn’t consistent.  However, now I know just how important they are for me to implement and maintain! As well, as what isn’t working for me and the reasons behind it, and how to respond. It’s amazing what self-awareness can do for your motivation and self-confidence!  Thank you so much!