Specific Issue Coaching Session

Do you:

  • Have a fear of flying?
  • Have a fear of public speaking?
  • Lack confidence in certain situations?
  • Have a fear of heights?
  • Want to increase your confidence, focus, or concentration for a specific reason?
  • Some other specific issue that is holding you back in your business or personal life?

You are not alone and there are proven and effective ways of helping you out in your specific situation.

 A Specific Issue Coaching Session may be just for you!

A Specific issue session deals with a single issue of your choosing. The coaching will identify how the behaviour is a problem, adjust the behavioural strategy, and provide effective and proven techniques for dealing with the issue into the future. It is designed for busy business people to ensure they get the result they need and want quickly and efficiently.

What you get:

A 15-30 minute phone interview to determine and clarify the issue

The phone interview is necessary to make sure what you want to deal with is a specific, single issue and that we can deal with it in a single session. It also makes sure that your issue is clearly understood so that we are fully prepared to maximize the change work done during the session.

A 90 minute Session

Appropriate techniques will be used to generate the changes you want. You will also learn techniques that you can use to deal with your specific situation in the future.

15 Minute Follow up phone call

You can use this call right before the event that you need to deal with to touch up the techniques or you can call after the event to celebrate how well things went.

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