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Business Building Series

Communicating In An Imperfect World

Communicating in an Imperfect World   Have you ever been speaking with someone and thought to yourself: Wow, they just don’t get what I am saying. They must be from another planet! Or Man, I can’t make myself any clearer. How can they not understand me. They must be an idiot. In a perfect world our communications would go something like this: I have a chunk of...

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Time is Money – Or is It?

Time is Money – Or is It?   Time is perhaps our most precious resource. Once we “spend” time we can never get it back! Much consideration is given to not wasting time. In business this is most often reflected in the adage: Time is money  The assumptions embedded in the idea that time = money are so profound that they impact how we think about...

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Sales – It’s all about Rapport

Sales – It’s all about Rapport No matter what you are doing in your life – whether it is on a professional level or as a volunteer and whether you are a parent, a teacher, a doctor, a business owner, a politician or any combination of these titles – you are selling something The art of sales is all about getting someone to buy your product or...

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Going Beyond Psychometric Testing in Pre-Hiring Screening

  Going Beyond Psychometric Testing in Pre-Hiring Screening   Lou Adler in his post “Why Good People Underperform”, 20 Oct 2015 points out several reasons why he believes this is true. “They’re not motivated to do the actual work required since the job they’re being asked to perform after being hired was ill-defined before they were hired. Being...

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